Hey guys, Recycle That is now called HELPSY! We are doing what no one has done before: we are a tech company closing the fashion loop and addressing the textile trash crisis at the same time. With our existing large scale collection of unwanted clothes and sale of sustainable and upcycled fashion, we fulfill our mission in groundbreaking ways. 



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Scary fact: According to the US EPA, 85% of clothing eventually ends up in the landfills and incinerators. That's about 81 pounds per person, per year. 95% of that could be reused, upcycled or recycled. 75% is reusable, 20% is recyclable. 

There is a major gap in our clothing reuse mentality and systems. In fact, 10% of our landfills are textiles. It's the norm to recycle plastics, glass, metal and paper but sadly clothes, shoes, and accessories have long been ignored. Makes no sense to us either.

Don't Throw Your Clothes Away

Don't worry, here's where we come in

Our biggest competitor by far is the landfill. Our goal is to be landfill negative: to not only eliminate textile waste but to reverse the problem. We want to make reusing and recycling your clothes and shoes convenient and easy.

We are also part of the sustainable fashion industry, working to support the upcycling of textiles. We partner with sustainable fashion designers to provide them with materials, exposure and sales. 

Here's where you come in

 Let us work with you to collect unwanted clothing. For instance, we can place one of our very quiet and well behaved unwanted clothing containers or boxes on your property at no cost to you. Your new silent (but deep) partner will boost your institution's CSR image, while earning you money, and helping the world reduce a pollution and waste crisis.

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