HELPSY is the best way to recycle your clothes.

Not Fun Facts

It's hard to believe but over 85% of clothes wind up in the trash!  It's the norm to recycle plastics, glass, metal and paper but sadly clothes, shoes, and accessories have long been ignored. In fact, 10% of our landfills are textiles. That's 81 pounds per person, per year. Makes zero sense to us either.

We got you

HELPSY is a for-profit B Corp with an environmental mission to radically change the way people think about clothing recycling. We make reusing and recycling your clothes and shoes more convenient and easy than ever. The largest clothing collector in the Northeast US, with over 1,800 collection containers and growing, we collected over 25 million pounds of clothes in last year.

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HOst a Bin

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HELPSY HOme Pickup






We also think it's a shame more clothes aren't made out of pre-loved materials.  Our goal is to support upcycling, responsible handling of overstock and returns and changing the way the fashion industry thinks of the clothing life cycle.  95% of all clothing, shoes and other textiles can be given a second life. 50% are reusable, 45% are recyclable.

Here's where you come in

Let's work together to radically change how unwanted clothing is collected and re-used.  

Open Letter

The donation model is broken: we can’t recycle your ripped towels if we don’t also get your Nikes.

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Mostly Harmless T-shirts

 Partner with us to save the world — one sad, holey sock at a time. 

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