What we do

“There is no such thing as away.
When we throw anything away it must go somewhere."

— Annie Leonard, Creator of 'The Story of Stuff'


We're the new kids on the block, but we're also already the largest textile collection company in the Northeast US. Unlike most container businesses we have one purpose: to keep clothes out of the trash. In just the last year we collected 25 million pounds of clothes. The impact of the clothes we collected is the following:

·       320 million pounds of CO2 emissions

·       20 billion gallons of water

·       The electricity usage of 10,000 American homes


We are a for-profit B corp with a social mission. We give a lot of clothes to those in need, like the 44,000 winter jackets we sourced and delivered for New York Cares this winter. But our mission is environmental. We believe there are more clothes than people who need clothes. We get clothes to those who need them, while also keeping clothes out of the trash.

We want to work with businesses and institutions to get highly visible and high traffic places for clothing container locations so we can collect the most clothes. We pay rent to more than 1,000 businesses, landlords, schools, charities, and churches.

We can provide materials to help educate your audience and increase collections. We service our containers frequently and keep them clean and free of surrounding debris.  

Why We're Different Than Other Collection Companies



We design, maintain, and service our clothing collection containers so that they invite guests to your property. We re-paint more than 100 containers each month to keep them fresh. 

Frequent service is the key to keeping containers attractive. We visit our containers multiple times per week, and have staff and trucks ready to address any issues, from illegal dumping to lost cell phones, within 24 hours. We take pride in how our containers look and want you to as well. 


Our dedicated professionals ensure that our 1,000 + container hosts get their rent checks on time, every time, and that every container has insurance and all required permits.

If you haven't hosted containers yet and you want to help the environment and keep clothes out of landfills, get in touch!  

If you've had containers in the past, let us show you how we're different. As the biggest and most dedicated clothing containers collection company we want to partner with you.


But where do the clothes actually go?

95% of what we collect is reused, upcycled or recycled. 50% is reusable, 45% is recyclable. It is first sorted by our partners and divided into grades. The higher grades are resold to thrift stores in North America and other second hand markets around the world. The lower grades get turned into rags for industrial use or things like stuffing and insulation. Clothing reuse is a big deal. It reduces the enormous environmental burden of one of the most polluting industries in the world.  

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